Unique porcelain cup. Handmade on the wheel.

Holds 14 oz.


Perfect for warm or cool beverages, but not something super hot as there is no handle!


The cup is fired to cone 6 which makes it super durable for long-time use.


I highly recommend hand-washing to keep the surface layer from wearing away (handmade pots tend to wear out in the dishwasher faster than commercially made pots).


Microwave safe.


I love the translucency of porcelain! Try holding your cup up to the light! You should be able to see the shadows of the design or your fingers through the walls of the cup.

Blue Mod Cup

  • Microwave Safe & Handwash Only as caustic detergents in the dishwasher will cause the surface to wear away very quickly and become dull and susceptible to discoloration and damage.

  • I don't accept returns. All sales are final. Please let me know if any damage upon arrival so I can report it to insurance and take care of your purchase promptly. And, of course, if anything else goes wrong with your purchase, don't hesitate to reach out so I can help make it right.

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