Welcome to the Mug Club!


In this membership, you will receive 3 new mugs over the course of 3 months! Included you might also find an Intentional Touchstone or a piece of Jewelry!


Tired of missing out on the mugs I've been making? Need an easy way to find a gift for someone? With Mug Club, uou are guaranteed a mug or cup from each of my batches during that months run of mugs!


This membership includes shipping and handling inside the United States (you'll owe me a little extra for outside the US), so you're all set! Pay and watch the mugs start rolling in!


Expect your first shipment to arrive in one month! Then for 2 more months after that.

Mug Club 300

SKU: MC300
  • If for any reason you HATE the mug/cup and want to return it, you will have to pay for shipping to me and for the new mug/cup, and I will gladly replace it.  However, I cannot replace mugs or cups broken by you, but I will replace mugs/cups broken in transit! But you will have to let me know within 2 days of receiving the broken mug or cup so I can replace it right away.

  • ALL luster ware is NOT safe for dishwasher or microwave.

    Any other wares will be dishwasher or microwave safe. Although, repeated washings in the dishwasher will make the surface suseptiple to damage and wear and tear, so I recommend handwashing on all my pottery.

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